The new digital age

The data helps companies discover new ways to be more competitive, more profitable and more innovative, but only when they are available in the right place at the right time. The huge volumes of data and the complexity of IT, especially when overlapping in modern hybrid cloud environments, prevent companies from getting the full value of the data. The HPE smart data platform is powered by artificial intelligence, created for the cloud and delivered as a service. Redefine the way to deliver, manage and analyze data, in the cloud, in the data center and on the periphery.

“To incorporate large cloud clients in very short timeframes, we must keep the implementation fast, simple and cost effective. HPE Nimble arrays are easy to install and configure for our storage administrators – in a matter of minutes they can have a new array online. ”

The huge amounts of data that are being created and put into action within companies promise stronger relationships with customers, more efficient operations and greater competitiveness. Data drives innovation and guides agility. But, realizing the promise offered by the data is something that must be done in the right place and at the right time. Data is created, stored and applied anywhere in hybrid cloud environments that comprise clouds in the facilities, public cloud services, traditional data center systems and peripheral locations. But the data and systems that move, store and process it are in silos that arise from the inertia of the organization and the systems. IT, in charge of protecting and giving access to data, faces the difficulties of unthinkable complexity, inflexible systems and obsolete skills. Fortunately, the same technologies that allow companies to extract gold from business data.

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LENOVO Smart Transformation

Today, there seems to be a smart version for everything: smart holders, smart piggy banks, smart diapers. Smart is good. It’s fun. Sometimes it’s nice. However, everything makes sense when it is smarter. Smarter pick up and connect. Smarter exploits conventions and shatters clichés. Smarter is technology with a purpose. It is a race track where motorcycles equipped with sensors transmit data faster than the turns of their wheels. It is a bridge printed in 3D over a medieval canal. It is a virtual study trip to Mars for students of an urban school.

Smarter means more open to collaboration … and certainly the joint results are better than the individual ones. In the hands of some of the engineers, universities and even the most innovative racing motorcycle riders in the world, our technology is helping to solve global challenges, both large and small, that affect the way we live, learn, work and we we heal

At Lenovo, we want to build smarter things to make your life better, your work more productive and your impact on the world even greater.

Lenovo and our customers have one very important thing in common: We believe in the power of smarter technology to generate real and significant changes. Smarter means expansive … and, most importantly, it is inclusive. What is smarter does not know who you are, how you look or what ignites your passion. It is a revolution that brings technological innovation to people of all cultures and all social and economic contexts.

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Digital Law Firms

Technology can help law firms do more with less risk and more certainty in less time. The question is: how do you create the right environment for this to happen?
The United Kingdom is the second largest legal services market in the world. Two years ago, the annual value of the British legal system exceeded 26,000 million pounds (equivalent to 1.5% of the GDP of the United Kingdom). It employed more than 380,000 people. Also two years ago JPMorgan Chase replaced 360,000 billable hours of legal work with the AI. If the law business is reinventing itself, what are the law firms doing about it?

“From my point of view, the market is stratified,” says Patrick Sarch, a partner at White & Case. «The most commercialized end is being disturbed by technology. Large law firms are evolving technology to adapt to what they are doing [which is] providing more value-added services ».

“We must not underestimate the importance of the role that technology will play in the provision of modern legal services. It is essential that we remain at the head of the game ».

Sarch, for example, is willing to stay ahead: «I used to have, outside my office in an old firm, 30 to 40 graduates listening to the tapes of FX operators, LIBOR operators. Ninety percent of that has now been done by technology. »

»Are we planning minute by minute what is the fastest way from A to B? How many billable hours can I put in my day? How many customers can I satisfy? Therefore, being able to do more things with less risk, greater certainty in less time is absolutely what we do. And any technological tool that helps us with that, we will buy it »

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