Today, there seems to be a smart version for everything: smart holders, smart piggy banks, smart diapers. Smart is good. It’s fun. Sometimes it’s nice. However, everything makes sense when it is smarter. Smarter pick up and connect. Smarter exploits conventions and shatters clichés. Smarter is technology with a purpose. It is a race track where motorcycles equipped with sensors transmit data faster than the turns of their wheels. It is a bridge printed in 3D over a medieval canal. It is a virtual study trip to Mars for students of an urban school.

Smarter means more open to collaboration … and certainly the joint results are better than the individual ones. In the hands of some of the engineers, universities and even the most innovative racing motorcycle riders in the world, our technology is helping to solve global challenges, both large and small, that affect the way we live, learn, work and we we heal

At Lenovo, we want to build smarter things to make your life better, your work more productive and your impact on the world even greater.

Lenovo and our customers have one very important thing in common: We believe in the power of smarter technology to generate real and significant changes. Smarter means expansive … and, most importantly, it is inclusive. What is smarter does not know who you are, how you look or what ignites your passion. It is a revolution that brings technological innovation to people of all cultures and all social and economic contexts.