The data helps companies discover new ways to be more competitive, more profitable and more innovative, but only when they are available in the right place at the right time. The huge volumes of data and the complexity of IT, especially when overlapping in modern hybrid cloud environments, prevent companies from getting the full value of the data. The HPE smart data platform is powered by artificial intelligence, created for the cloud and delivered as a service. Redefine the way to deliver, manage and analyze data, in the cloud, in the data center and on the periphery.

“To incorporate large cloud clients in very short timeframes, we must keep the implementation fast, simple and cost effective. HPE Nimble arrays are easy to install and configure for our storage administrators – in a matter of minutes they can have a new array online. ”

The huge amounts of data that are being created and put into action within companies promise stronger relationships with customers, more efficient operations and greater competitiveness. Data drives innovation and guides agility. But, realizing the promise offered by the data is something that must be done in the right place and at the right time. Data is created, stored and applied anywhere in hybrid cloud environments that comprise clouds in the facilities, public cloud services, traditional data center systems and peripheral locations. But the data and systems that move, store and process it are in silos that arise from the inertia of the organization and the systems. IT, in charge of protecting and giving access to data, faces the difficulties of unthinkable complexity, inflexible systems and obsolete skills. Fortunately, the same technologies that allow companies to extract gold from business data.